Factual Commissioning
Sky 1

Factual on Sky 1 needs to be broad and intelligent entertainment of a terrestrial quality. We need everything to have a Sky 1 twist of humour, energy, action and warmth. Current successes include An Idiot Abroad, Greggs; More Than Meats the Pie, Harrow: A Very British School, Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew, Pineapple Dance Studios and Ross Kemp's Extreme World, as well as world class content like David Attenborough's Galapagos and Micro Monsters.

Access documentaries are always welcome so please do let us know about any access you may have but we are currently focusing on returnable series for 8pm. We are looking to innovate in this area so do not want traditional, presenter-led features ideas. We want big real life characters in real world situations plus a light format. We have development and pilot money to spend in this 8pm returnable area and are keen to get lots of ideas in a soon as possible.

Funny Factual continues to be incredibly important for us. Karl Pilkingtons The Moaning of Life is the latest example and - although there is only one Karl - we are always hungry for more talent with whom we can make funny documentaries. If it is a bit of a bonkers idea, please try us - we will probably love it!

Sky Living

As Living becomes female skewing rather than totally pink, were not looking for traditional female subjects. We are unlikely to want ideas about weddings, fashion, dating, babies etc. And we don't want screaming chavs or D list celebs either.

Living has some really big factual entertainment brands presented by internationally known talent. The Face with Naomi Campbell and will set the new standard for modelling shows. Fierce and glamorous, this show is highly addictive and has the glossy, high-end production values we want. Its combined with dramatic storytelling, centered on relationships and with big talent attached. We want more ideas with these elements please.

We are also interested in hidden lives. Ladyboys has been successful for us and we want ideas that treat seemingly unusual lifestyles in a grown-up and classy manner. Salaciousness on its own won't work for us.

We are also interested in strong returnable series, probably presenter-led. In this category we would look at weight as a subject.

Sky Atlantic

Atlantic is the home of world-class theatrical documentaries and we want 12 of them a year. They are a mixture of commissioned, co-produced and acquired films.

We are interested in an eclectic range of subject matters and there are no rules on types, but generally-speaking we want English language films that feel more commercial and less worthy.

The talent on board is very important to us and we expect to work with the best filmmakers, producers and distributors in the world, or a combination of those people and newer talent.

Films must have the big festivals like Sundance, Toronto, and Berlin etc. in their plans, as well as theatrical release ambitions.

We have a passion for feature documentaries and are incredibly excited to be making films of this quality and power. Please bring us more as we currently have gaps next year.

Sky Arts

Sky Arts is where genius is standard. We can't commission a huge amount so ideas really need to be big enough or unique to make a lot of noise for the channel. A celebrity wandering around exploring something is unlikely to work for us.

We love ideas that have big arts institutions involved, use technology and innovative filming techniques, and we like to do things first. For example, the first live opera in 3D, the biggest live HD streaming of the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and transmitting the opening night of The National Gallery Leonardo exhibition live into 42 cinemas. Fundamentally ideas need to feel different to how other channels might do arts programming.

We love working with massive talent who care passionately about doing arts programmes. In Scripted, we are working with Jon Hamm, Daniel Radcliffe, Vanessa Redgrave, Idris Elba and many more. We want to do the same in Factual so please aim high.

Head of Factual Entertainment - Celia Taylor

Commissioning Editor - Siobhan Mulholland

Commissioning Editor - Lorraine Charker-Phillips

Commissioning Editor - Chris Wilson

Drama Commissioning

All of the drama we develop here at Sky is of significant scale, carries terrific emotion and has humour running through it. We enjoy telling bold stories that entertain.

Our drama speaks directly to our customers and complements what they can view elsewhere. Most projects start life as a submitted treatment, but were also willing to have conversations about ideas, particularly over the phone or email, saving meetings for those ideas that really excite us.

We run a very efficient development slate, so the chances of us saying no to an idea are very high. However if we do put an idea into development, its because it really feels original and excites us. We will love it as much as you do and it means we want to see it get made.

On average we have three projects in production for Sky One and Sky Atlantic each year, and two on Sky Living. The ambition is for series to return, which obviously will make the competition even fiercer. Sky Arts is the home for world-class talent to come and play, we are always looking for inspirational, original ideas.

Head of Drama - Anne Mensah (but Cameron Roach covering for her until Spring 2014)

Senior Commissioning Editor - Cameron Roach

Commissioning Editor - Huw Kennair-Jones

Executive Producer - Madonna Baptiste

Head of Development - Beverley Booker

Drama Development Executive - Jo McClellan

Development Coordinator - Daniel Walker

Comedy Commissioning

Comedy across all our channels needs to feel modern, uplifting and surprising. It's important that our customers relate to what they're watching, but we want to be continually seeking out ways to move on the genre. After all, this needs to be content worth paying for.

Comedy is having a renaissance across the key broadcasters so we are entering a noisy room and we need to get noticed. Whether that's in terms of the scale of the commission, the key talent headlining our shows or the identity of the world they inhabit.

We take inspiration from being the home of Modern Family and The Simpsons, and put ideas that reflect family life in a refreshingly different way at a premium. Our families don't need to be unrecognisably cute, we celebrate the mischievous.

Sky 1

Were looking for half-hour pre- watershed and post-watershed comedies to complement our current shows that include Trollied, Moone Boy and Stella.

We want shows that have a broad appeal for the whole family to enjoy. We would love more big-hearted, silly comedies and are keen to see more audience sitcoms.

Reflecting modern Britain is a key theme for our originations to sit alongside our US comedies like Modern Family and The Simpsons. We are always interested in hearing about big event pieces too.

Sky Living

We want half-hour post-watershed character-driven comedies that have female appeal to sit alongside our shows like Mount Pleasant, Doll and Em, Trying Again and Give Out Girls.

Sky Atlantic

We would like half-hour comedies that have scale, lift the lid on a subject or are unexpected and could sit alongside the best of the US.

Sky Arts

We want one-off half-hour comic films for the playhouse season, where a major star is seen in a new light. All our playhouses need a clear hook for the viewer. Current series are A Young Doctors Notebook and Psychobitches.

Head of Comedy - Lucy Lumsden

Commissioning Editor - Saskia Schuster

Commissioning Editor - Jon Mountague

Head of Development - Ben Boyer

Development Coordinator - Nicole Muldowney