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31 January 2012
Sky builds on broadband growth with increased coverage, 10,000 WiFi hotspots and new fibre launch

Sky has announced a number of enhancements to its range of broadband services to create more choice for customers and build on its strong growth. The move means that more households will have access to Sky’s great-value broadband, customers will be able to enjoy
free Wi-Fi access on the move and there will be a new fibre option for customers who want
faster speeds.

The announcement comes as new figures show that customers continue to respond in record numbers to Sky’s high-quality broadband and telephony products. In the last three months of 2011, Sky sold more than half a million home communications products, cementing its position as the fastest growing home communications provider in the UK. The latest growth means that , since launching in 2006, Sky has grown its UK broadband market share to 17% (3.6 million customers) and 29% of all Sky homes now take all three of Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk.

The new enhancements planned for the months ahead include:

  • Building out Sky’s network to reach even more UK homes: Sky is extending its network footprint to bring great value broadband to 88% of the UK by June 2013. This means more than 1 million extra homes will be covered by Sky’s network.
  • Providing customers with free WiFi wherever they are: Sky will shortly launch its public Wi-Fi service, powered by The Cloud. This will provide Sky Broadband Unlimited customers with free access to more than 10,000 hotspots across the UK. Available in venues such as Caffe Nero, Pizza Express and Wagamama, Sky customers will enjoy seamless and convenient access to public WiFi. This will prove particularly valuable for customers who access Sky content on the go, with high quality wireless delivering an even better experience for Sky Go and Sky’s other video-rich applications.
  • Adding choice with Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre: Sky is to give customers even more choice by adding a fibre broadband product to its range from April. For £20 a month, customers will be able to access download speeds of up to 40 megabits with a totally unlimited product that has no usage caps. From launch the new product will be available to around 30% of UK homes, growing over time in line with BT’s fibre roll-out programme.

Stephen van Rooyen, Managing Director of Sky’s Sales and Marketing Group, comments:

"I’m delighted that our existing home communication products are making such an impact with customers. It’s clear that customers are responding to the higher levels of value, quality and service we offer.

"This year sees a number of enhancements that will ensure we create even more choice. Whether it’s the launch of free public WiFi, extending our network into more parts of the UK, or adding fibre to our product mix, we are focused on meeting the demands of customers and on being their number one choice for home communications."

Another strong quarter for Sky’s home communication services

In the last three months of 2011, Sky Broadband (166,000 new customers), Sky Talk (159,000) and Sky line rental (214,000) all enjoyed another quarter of strong customer growth. As well as significant savings, each week thousands of customers are switching to Sky for improved customer service, a better product experience and more flexibility:

  • Better service: in Ofcom’s latest research on customer experience, Sky ranked above all its competitors in both fixed-line broadband and home telephony – as well as in pay TV.
  • Better experience: thanks to a state-of-the-art all-fibre core network, Sky is the only ISP to guarantee not to manage the speeds of any customer on its network. Sky’s totally unlimited service is free from the fair use policies that other broadband providers use to slow speeds down at peak times to alleviate contention in their networks. This makes it ideal for those homes that use their broadband to access video and other high bandwidth services, such as Sky Anytime+ and Sky Go.
  • More flexibility: Sky TV customers continue to benefit from access to great value home communication services, but thousands are also joining Sky for standalone broadband and telephony services. In just 18 months 218,000 customers have chosen to take Sky Broadband and/or Sky Talk standalone.


Notes: Sky’s Broadband products – February 2012


UsageSpeed Fair use policy Cost per month with Sky TV, Sky Talk and line rental Cost per month without Sky TV Set-up costs for new customers
On Sky’s network

Sky Broadband Everyday LiteUp to 2gb per month Up to 20mb 
NoFree N/ANone
Sky Broadband UnlimitedTotally unlimited Up to 20mbNo
£7.50 £10 with line rental and Sky TalkNone if Sky TV customer
Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre Totally unlimited Up to 40mb   No£20£20 with line rental and Sky Talk
Off Sky’s network

Sky Broadband ConnectUp to 40gb Up to 8mb  Yes£17  N/ANone

Sky TV packages start from £20 per month
Sky Talk Free time – free with Sky line rental
Sky Talk Unlimited - £5 per month
Sky line rental - £12.25 per month

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Robert Fraser

About Sky

Sky entertains and excites more than 10.4 million homes through the most comprehensive multichannel, multi-platform television service in the UK and Ireland. Sky continues to break new ground with its own portfolio of channels: Sky 1 combines its commitment to UK production with the best of the US; Sky Living pushes ahead with fresh and innovative entertainment formats; Sky Arts is the UK's only dedicated arts channel brand; Sky Atlantic is the home to HBO and other iconic drama and comedy, Sky Sports is still raising the bar in sports broadcasting; Sky News remains a pioneer in television news; and Sky Movies is leading the way in High Definition and on-demand.

Sky also works with dozens of other broadcasters on the satellite platform, as well as online and on mobile through the groundbreaking Sky Go service. Sky has also led the UK into the age of high definition television, launched Europe's first 3DTV channel, Sky 3D, and offers customer even more flexibility and choice through Sky Anytime+, its internet-delivered video on demand service. Since launching Sky Broadband and Sky Talk in 2006, the company has also been the UK's fastest-growing home communications provider.

Sky believes in making a wider contribution to the communities in which it operates, not least by increasing participation in, and access to, the arts, supporting grassroots sports, and taking positive action on the environment.

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