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I first started working on Sky 3D back in 2009 – not so long ago in many ways, but still a time when the idea of bringing 3D television into customers' homes felt like a futuristic concept to most people.

Advances in 3D have moved quickly since James Cameron changed the face and scope of the cinematic experience with Avatar. Building on the awe and excitement that the medium brings
to customers, we’ve really enjoyed being a part of Sky’s contribution to moving the world of 3D entertainment from the cinema to the living room.

To coincide with the one year anniversary of Sky 3D’s arrival in our customers’ homes, we were tasked with developing a new set of on-air branding for the channel that truly reflects its breadth of content. Sky 3D is a channel that champions the best of 3D programming – covering all genres from sport, movies and arts, to entertainment, nature and factual.

We were given great freedom to experiment in developing the brief, especially having fun with what we affectionately call ‘outies’ (that’s ‘negative parallax’ for the techies among you!). ‘Outies’ are essentially the moments in the 3D experience when the picture reaches out to you, making you really feel that you’re a part of the action, rather than just a spectator.
We separated the project into three sections – two series of idents and a ‘how to’ guide.

The first set of idents is known as 'DNA'. DNA was developed to capture the channel’s diverse content and find a bright and engaging way to represent this breadth as a key element of refreshing of the brand. The idents stand out as a kaleidoscope of colour executed in 3D space through the collision and gravity-defying explosions of bright powders. 

As a partner to the DNA work, we’ve also shot a further series of live action idents that we call 'Touch', one of which is featured above. The brief for the Touch creative was to help people connect with the 3D viewing experience by delivering slow motion shots of people and animals that seemingly come to life beyond the screen. The Serengeti was sadly just out of reach, so we headed to a nearby safari park to shoot with the wildlife there. Admittedly, it was a tough part of the project. After all, as they say, never work with children and animals, and on Touch we had the challenge of both!
After the new logo and idents launch tomorrow, there will still be a lot of work to do, including a short film we’re creating as the third part of the project. The film will include a ‘How To’ guide which will show customers how to get the best viewing experience from their 3D TVs.
A lot of great work has been achieved in the last few months by a tight knit team at Sky Creative alongside The Moving Picture Company in Soho, London. Through Sky 3D, our internal creative, production and visual effects teams have certainly been operating at the cutting edge of technology, and we’re looking forward to continuing working with the channel as its brand and content continues to evolve.

Sky 3D 


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