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                    YouGov second screen research infographic

Here at Sky, we’re always exploring new ways for our customers to engage with the TV they love.

Both at an industry and consumer level, we’ve been taking a lot of notice of ‘second screen’ viewing trends and, more generally, the possibilities of social TV and companion app experiences.

To help us understand this behaviour, and how we can add even more value for our customers through new and enhanced products and services, we recently commissioned some independent research from YouGov.

We’ve included an infographic outlining the key findings of the research above. The results are really exciting and affirm our move to develop a number of new services, updates and ideas to bring our customers even closer to the programmes they’re watching.

YouGov’s survey reveals that three out of four people watch TV accompanied by another screen. It’s also now second nature for a third of us (34%) to use laptops, tablets and smartphones to talk about live TV while we watch.

The research also uncovered that, after eating, going online is the next most popular activity while watching TV, with 60% of consumers found to be using email, 65% surfing the web and 47% using social networking sites.

The fact that we’re evolving from TV diners into connected consumers is a fascinating development, and we’re really proud of our leadership and innovation in supporting this demand.

This week, we’ve launched an update to our Sky+ app for iPad that delivers the very latest ‘second screen’ experience, meaning that Sky customers can interact with virtually any TV show online, whether it’s to find out more about an actor in a show, or to chat about their favourite programme with friends and other fans through an in-built Twitter feed.

With this immersive new functionality and companion features from the augmented TV specialists at zeebox integrated into the app, our customers can now interact more fully with their favourite programmes than ever before.

Let us know how you enjoy engaging with TV, and how you’ve found the updates to the app, by commenting below.




04/10/12 09:26

Are the full findings of the research available anywhere online, as well as the infographic? Very interesting stuff.

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