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We’re delighted to announce that Sky Go is now available on a selection of Android smartphones, including the popular Samsung Galaxy and a selection of HTC handsets.

As I mentioned on this blog last month, we know Sky customers who own Android smartphones want to watch Sky Go and we hope they’ll be impressed by the bespoke design and functionality it gives them to enjoy content when and where they want.

In addition, we’re also launching three more Entertainment channels on Sky Go on mobile platforms, with Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Arts 1 joining Sky Atlantic on Sky Go on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

Click on the video above to see what the Sky Go Android experience looks like, and how Sky Go sits alongside the other Sky mobile apps currently available free of charge from the Android Market.

Sky Go 



20/02/12 09:19

Is there a list of compatible android tablets? Thanks

Trevor Legg

21/02/12 12:57

The app seems really good at first look. However I don't like the limitation of only two devices being registered with Sky Go at any one time. For example I use my workstation (PC) to watch on a large screen monitor and my laptop when away from home in a hotel for example, my work laptop to catch up with things durig lunch hour and would now use my phone when on the move. The two device limitation means I can only use two of them and once I have made a change cannot make another one for a month! I understand you need to limit devices to avoid people sharing accounts and mis-using the system but I think a 4 device limit, as it was originally with Sky's online viewing via Sky Player, would be far more practicable.

Andy Cochrane

22/02/12 07:39

Why isn't SkyGo available on Android 4. It obviously isn't available for the superb ASUS Transformer Prime. Shame on Sky!


22/02/12 23:41

Is there a compatible android tablets list available?

Fraser Howarth

27/02/12 07:42

As soon as I heard it was available on Android, I pulled up the Android Marketplace to download it. Then I realised it wasn't available on my Samsung Google Nexus S :( Hopefully the app will become available on most Android phones that are capable of running it.

Scott P

07/03/12 21:51

Great but now I have to choose between losing my media centre PC or my laptop. Sky on a phone is nice but the other two win hands down so I can't use it. Can't you work it out so you can add to a mobile device too?

David McKay

10/03/12 16:15

When will Sky Go be available for Android's ICS 4.0, and also why is it not availabe on the TF201 ASUS Transformer Prime. I realise in you article you mention the Samsung Galaxy. For a company that constantly discusses how they are technologically advanced you seem to be more technologically biased and blind. To produce something only for Apple is never good business. But to the n include android but ignore some of the most popular, best-selling and powerful ndroid devices on the planet today is just insane! You have reduced your market and have yet to include any indication of when this will become available?? It amazes me that you have not been able to do this and yet feel it is successful. What it isis ailenating your consumer base whilst remomoving confidence in your products during an economical fragile time. I can only assume your shareholders have better information abotut the future than the people paying for your services.

Alan McKay

10/03/12 16:19

Is there any intention of providing ICS support and inclusion for some other tablet devices, such as the ASUS TF201 Transformer Prime (which is the fastest selling tablet world-wide to this date - and the most powerful being Quad Core) - it would be a shame not to include these devices soon. Thanks!

Julia M

19/04/12 22:55

Please extend to the Motorola XOOM tablet! I would love to be able access Sky tv on my tablet.


21/04/12 18:35

Why is there no tablet support? Cannot take much of a change to support tablets.

Kevin Deegan-Hall

21/04/12 21:14

No support for android ICS 4.0 yet when will we see that? I have a HTC one x and wish to have this app.


22/04/12 18:05

Sky go is not available for HTC wildfire Android devices. İm just wondering why? İ have an HTC wildfire phone a hot internet based mobile phone that runs on android platform and sky go is not compatable with it.


23/04/12 09:19

Just updated the firmware on my phone, no more Sky Go. No support for my ICS tablet either. Not a lot of use in the future if this is not sorted soon.

Paul Berrich

23/04/12 13:10

When is sky go going to be available on Sony Xperia s??

James P

24/04/12 13:38

Are you going to launch Sky Go App so it can be used on the sony ericsson xperia phones?

Andy C

25/04/12 09:35

When is Sky Go available on Samsung Galaxy note please? Have a lovely 5.3" screen and cant wait to watch FI in HDon it!!.. Message left 24/4/12


25/04/12 17:54

Still awaiting updates for compatability with my samsung nexus... what a joke bskyb are!

Dave W

29/04/12 08:21

Stunned and disappointed to find I cannot access Skygo using my Asus Prime. What are your plans and timelines please to enable access via Asus tablets?

paul b

29/04/12 14:24

i had sky go on my htc sensation xe updated software to android 4 ics and now it's gone :( please sky can you sort it out.


29/04/12 19:23

When is sky go app on xperia s phones as a customer im feelin left out!

Dave C

29/04/12 23:37

Having both a Motorola XOOM and a Samsung Galaxy note isn't it about time sky got there act together and looked to other manufacturers other than apple in supplying Sky go availability !! I might be wrong but I think the Android market now tops apple.


04/05/12 11:39

I am a Sony Experia S and Sky Go user and would like to see them work together. The screen was a major reason for my buying the Sony Experia S and thus I am disappionted that I cannot view my purchased Sky content on it.


04/05/12 19:29

When will sky go become available for the HTC one z


11/05/12 01:21

Just upgraded my phone from an HTC desire to the one x, am gutted it doesn't work on this phone, it is o f my most used apps as it helps get me through my.12 hour night shifts, how long until it be. Until its availible?

philip walton

13/05/12 12:50

when will sky go be available for the htc one s and the htc one x


15/05/12 08:44

Sky go good on HTC desire but I've just upgradedto HTC one x and its not compatible wots the crack there its supposed to be better ? Not happy at all :(

dan m

15/05/12 19:08

i want to watch sky go on my nexus s....sort it out

marc small

16/05/12 23:51

i have the new samsung galaxy note and when i try to download the app it tells me its not available on this device


18/05/12 23:10

Any idea when will sky go be available on tablets using Android 4.0 operating systems.


19/05/12 09:52

I have just bought a galaxy tablet G1010, cannot get sky go on my tablet says not available for this devise. Why? Please adviseff3685


22/05/12 10:36

I have the Samsung galaxy 2 and sky go does not work on mine the 3 help desk is a lady who does not understand English and sky tell me I need 2,2.x software to run it. Are our phones to advanced for sky go

kieron west

29/05/12 15:17

got htc one x way they not bring it for the best phones i better apple has a hand in this ?


29/05/12 23:35

nooooooooo!!!! I can't get Sky Go on my shiny new One X. The best phone in the world.. no telly. Help help! I am working nights all thru the Euros.

ian harvey

30/05/12 22:42

yes yes yes skygo on samsung great!!!! but seriously come on sky were not all apple devotees bring us sky go on asus tf201 stop messing about its not that difficult to write the app

David gressick

06/06/12 14:06

When will sky go be on my sony experia s?

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