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                            Sky Atlantic on Sky Go - Android

Almost seven months since its launch, Sky Go - our service that allows Sky TV customers to watch TV on the move at no extra charge - is now attracting 1.5 million unique users per month.

For the team who developed the service, it’s hugely rewarding to see how enthusiastically Sky customers have grasped the opportunity to watch their favourite content on the move. Given the high level of consumer demand, I’m pleased to today be able to announce two very significant developments to Sky Go that will be rolling out over the next month.

Firstly, we will be making Sky Go available on a selection of Android smartphones starting with Samsung Galaxy and HTC handsets. We fully appreciate how much Android users have been looking forward to the launch of Sky Go, and we’ve done everything we can to make sure that our bespoke design for Android handsets is worth waiting for.

Secondly, we will be expanding the content on offer on smartphones and iPad by adding the Sky Entertainment channels to Sky Go. This will kick off with the addition of Sky Atlantic to Sky Go today, and will be followed by Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Arts 1 within the next month. In March, the brand new Sky Sports F1TM channel will also launch on Sky Go.

It’s all part of the process of constant evolution that the Sky Go service has seen since its launch last July.

When it launched last summer, usage of the service was driven by the desire of customers to catch premium live sport wherever they happened to be, with Premier League football helping the service hit new heights during its early months. Coverage of the Premier League double header between Spurs vs. Liverpool and Man Utd vs. Chelsea on Sunday 18th September helped Sky Go achieve record figures for live content views of 1.9m, as fans used the service to dip in and out of the action whilst on the move.

What’s especially fascinating to see is how far we have come on from there: coverage of critical matches between Spurs vs. Man City and Arsenal vs. Man Utd on another Super Sunday on the 22nd January smashed the previous record of 1.9m daily live views with ease, registering an overall total of 3.1m live content views during a dramatic day at the top of the Premier League.

Sky Go made another leap in November by adding on-demand functionality for iPhones, iPod touch and iPad, meaning that Sky Movies customers were able to access more than 600 movies on demand. Over its first six months, the top three movies on Sky Go were Jackass 3, Grown Ups and Despicable Me.

Whilst Sky Go is available using a 3G connection, it’s no secret that to achieve the best possible TV viewing experience on mobile devices it’s preferable to access a Wi-Fi signal. That’s why we will also shortly be launching a public Wi-Fi service that will provide Sky Broadband Unlimited customers with free access to more than 10,000 WiFi hotspots across the UK, including the Pizza Express and Wagamama restaurant chains and hundreds of other public venues and locations throughout the country, providing Sky customers with seamless access to our content, wherever they happen to be.

Available free of charge as a bonus for Sky customers, Sky Go adds value to a Sky subscription by allowing our customers to enjoy Sky content on devices other than their set-top box. Today we have also announced that within the next few months we will be launching a new service with an innovative pricing structure that will allow greater numbers of people to watch some of the great content we offer.

The new service, available to anyone in the UK with a broadband connection, will offer some of Sky’s most popular programming with customers able to choose from a variety of pricing options, from paying monthly for unlimited access to Sky Movies, to renting movies on a simple, pay-as-you-go basis. A customer will be able to use this service across PC, Macs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, games consoles and Connected TVs.

It’s not all about watching TV on the go, we continue to innovate on the main TV screen. During the last three months of 2011, use of our video on-demand service Sky Anytime+ increased by 80%, and we hope that two enhancements announced earlier this week will further fuel its success.

In big news for on-demand TV, we will be bringing BBC iPlayer and ITV Player to the service this year, complementing the best of pay-TV with the best of free-to-air programming. We’re also widening access to Sky Anytime+ by opening it up to all Sky+HD homes across all broadband providers - meaning that more than five million customers can now access Anytime+.

With recent Mintel research revealing that the average UK home now contains six separate screens that can be used for watching TV , we realise the importance of continuing to innovate across multiple screens. Whether it’s in the living room on your TV, or on the smartphone in your pocket, our customers respond very positively to new experiences on different platforms, and so long as that demand is there, we’ll continue to respond to it.

Sky Go 


Jon Rhodes

31/01/12 08:34

Great news, been waiting for Sky Go on Android for ages!! Any actual date or just "next month"?!?

Darren McCarthy

31/01/12 08:34

This is great news but come on guys...2 devices! My average family of 2 parents + 2 who gets SkyGo? Is it the Kids on the Xbox? Is it the laptops? Or is it the iPAD? Or is it our Nokia Windows Phones(if you supported them which you don’t). Well that's nobody to diffuse all the arguments! I can’t even extend my subscription AKA multi-device instead of multiroom. So much for advancing viewing technology.

Phil Marshall

31/01/12 08:54

Can you clarify, when you say that BBC iplayer & ITV player will be available across all broadband providers, you do mean not just those with Sky Broadband. Thanks


31/01/12 08:59

Any update on when skygo will be available for Asus transformer etablet on android? Well done on the new innovations.

Simon Warren

31/01/12 09:17

Great! now what about us Blackberry users??


31/01/12 09:39

Yes they do mean sky anytime + will be available to people who dont have sky broadband which is great news


31/01/12 11:01

Why are sky not releasing this for android tablets,yet again android customers being sold short.also don't put it down to compatability issues as Netflix seems to manage ok

steven Thornes

31/01/12 11:09

Everyone stop your moaning this is a fantastic service just buy the right tech, read the skygo updates and off you go, its not rocket science


31/01/12 11:32

What date next month please ?


31/01/12 12:28

"Unlike Apple’s uniform iOS operating system the Android platform covers a wide range of devices that have differing hardware and versions of the Android operating system. This means that we have to tailor the Sky Go app for each model of smartphone which takes considerable time to build and test before we can release it. We have chosen to launch on a selection of the most popular Android smartphones based on their sales volumes to ensure as many Sky TV customers as possible can enjoy Sky Go. In order to bring Sky Go to our Android customers as quickly as possible we have chosen to launch on a selection of the most popular Android smartphones based on their sales volumes. Over time we intend to launch Sky Go to all major mobile operating platforms and as this market develops at pace we continually monitor the sale of new devices and any industry forecasts to assess when we expect each platform to reach a mass market scale" sorry sky but this is a joke,loads of apps are released across multi devices on android sure you have heard of net flix they managed it.As for mass market android tablet market grew by about 20% over the last 6 months are you really saying that as the latest andriod handsets hit the market you have to wait for sales figures before releasing the app or develop the app for every phone The ASUS epad transformer was the best selling android tablet last year also no sky movies on demand this is one customer who will be cancelling a chunk of his sky package and signing up for netflix,sick of sky treating android users like idiot.Android user are far more tech savy than the IOS bunch and will not be fobbed off with excuses that are simply not true


31/01/12 15:52

Can sky confirm the actual date this will be available?


31/01/12 18:46

Haha yes my HTC Sensation is gonna be the bomb once this is up and running. Used to sneak my Ipad2 into work to watch the football and tether from my HTC to watch it but no need once the android SkyGo is out. Glad I got this phone now and glad I got my unlimited data plan. Far play Sky this is a great service you are offering.


31/01/12 20:34

you thing people like sky would al ready have sky go on the androids first then on iphone after. iphones get every thing first

BB User

31/01/12 21:16

What about BlackBerry's!

Jim McIntyre

31/01/12 21:18

When you say Sky Go will be available on Samsung Galaxy, does that include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Great innovations, thank you Sky.


31/01/12 23:31

Great news. I use it on my iPad and iPhones but changed my phone to the Galaxy. Looking forward to using it everywhere as I either have my iPad or Galaxy wherever I go. Good stuff!!!! I seriously think that you should increase the number of users to 3 or 4 as that's what most families have. As for Blackberry...........most users are for business so do some work! LoL


01/02/12 11:19

With the release of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which will be available for most mobile and tablet devices (eventually), this work in a similar way as iOS to allow developers to design one app that covers numerous devices rather than having to make separate apps for each version of android firmware. As such when the Galaxy and HTC phones get Sky Go surely those tablets running ICS will also???


01/02/12 11:56

I am assuming when you state that only 2 devices will be getting Sky Go on android that thats just a start - And I really hope it will be available on Android Tablets like it is on the iPad. This has to be done fairly........ as other devices on Android should be included - not just what you feel is right. ( My Xoom has more firepower in its belly than the Galaxy and alot of other tablets / phones also do)


01/02/12 12:45

What about the Windows Phone?!


01/02/12 13:41

When will Blackberry's become supported. BlackBerry smartphones were the top selling phones in the UK in 2011!! (Source GfK)


01/02/12 23:05

People asking for it on Blackberry, why would Sky develop an app for that platform when Blackberry as a company are performing very poorly, with a big drop in sales? It would be money wasted if Blackberry go under. The best smartphones out there are Samsung HTC and Apple at the moment, so it's understandable to direct their resources to developing for them. And as for Nokia, thats a sinking ship. They have a couple of handsets with Windows on, and sold about 1 million devices with that OS worldwide, the numbers don't justify developing an app yet. so unless BB and nokia fortunes turn around, Sky won't waste their time developing an app!


02/02/12 07:46

Can we have a date in your next blog..... Can't wait, got to have it on my sensation


02/02/12 14:24

when will sky go be available for sony ericsson?

Terry Watson

04/02/12 02:21

How about the c64 or zx81?


05/02/12 15:14

Sky, please could you also get rid of the number of devices limit - or at least increase it to 3 or 4 - with no limitations on changing devices x many times a month guess what - sky customers have multiple devices on which they may wish to access your content. i myself have a pc, a netbook, a galaxy tablet, and an iphone - and i'd like to be able to use skygo on all of them!!


06/02/12 21:14

Any date for the sony tablet s?


08/02/12 21:18

Mal- Nokia may have "only" sold 1 million windows phones but they were only released in november, you must remember that Nokia isn't the only windows phone 7 carrier either. There wouldn't be masses of work to port sky go to windows phone. Not sure why sky didnt restrict release to ICS devices because in reality the phones that can handle sky go will be ICS compatible in the future and as that is meant to be a unified platform it surely would have made sense.

sam ashurst

09/02/12 14:46

Great news but youve said next month and random times before. Any proper date set? And also you need more than 2 devices because as many people a family is over 2 people.

thomas connartym

11/02/12 01:14

hi.i have the nokia n900 with the maemo5 operating system.i'm with virginnmidia ,does enaybody know if i'l get sky go. thnks


13/02/12 08:46

woo hoo i have the samsung galaxy note and sky go is gonna be da bomb on thos bad boy! ! Cant wait no more having to watch baby tv i can watch a film from my tablet fone, long train journys with my son am gonna be so much easier thanks sky another genius idea when will it be available do u have a specific date in mind, please spelling thanks xx


13/02/12 19:12

is this going to be on nokia phones. why is it that i phones get everything first? surely more people by android and symbian than i phones. 1c881c


14/02/12 23:06

Ditto to the above - 2 devices really is not enough in this modern world. It wouldn't be so bad if you could freely switch devices, but one chnage per month is not enough for my family to switch between which ever device suits us at the time. Come on Sky, keep up with the times!


15/02/12 12:48

Any answers to will it be available on Galaxy tab 10.1?


19/02/12 13:47

Lets have sky for Motorola's please


04/03/12 08:27

Whens sky go out for xperia play,as its hd ready,u's should waited till it was ready for all androids headsets,no just htc,samsung,give us dates when out for the rest of us,as i'm a sky customer and can only use on my laptop the now


11/03/12 23:23

I have an Asus Transformer TF101 running Android 4 (ICS). Do Sky have plans to make SkyGo available on the Asus Transformer with ICS? Do you have any provisional dates for this? TIA

sky fan

02/04/12 00:01

Any update on sony tablet s please?


03/04/12 15:51

Had skygo on my galaxy s2 have just upgraded to andriod 4 and no longer compatable. Can you tell me when its coming out for andriod.

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