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Sky is launching a pilot news, sports and events service in the Tyne and Wear area. It is a new departure for us: until now all Sky's services including news, sport and entertainment have been focused on Britain as a whole, with no regional variations.

It is an exciting idea. It will be available free on digital platforms, internet and mobile, with video shot by highly mobile video journalists armed with the latest lightweight cameras.

Mostly, these "mo-jos" will be on the road, editing their stories on laptops and sending them back via wifi or 3G connections. Our first two video-journalists, one a postgraduate from Sunderland University, have already joined, and the others will be recruited over the next few weeks.

Why is Sky looking at a local service? In common with many journalists, I worked in local news at the start of my career, so I know why a sense of connection with events in your local community is so highly valued by many people. Events on your own doorstep inevitably resonate more than those further afield.

Why has Sky chosen Tyne and Wear? The local population are rightly proud of their area and are keen to know more about what's happening. Their loyalties are divided over many things, not least football, but they are united in a common conviction that they live in the best place in Britain.

There is certainly plenty happening there which is why we intend to add an events listings service to the news and sports coverage. It will cover everything from the big entertainment attractions at venues like the Metro Radio Arena to the hundreds of smaller events organised by the community itself. Our users will be encouraged to contribute to the service with their own pictures, videos and comments.

We hope that Sky Tyne and Wear will be as popular with expat Tyne and Wearsiders as those still living in the area, since our research shows that many of those who move away from the area continue to stay in touch with the local news and sport.

This pilot will test our belief that there’s an opportunity to supplement existing sources of local news with a vibrant and dynamic video-focused website, adhering to the high editorial and presentational standards Sky sets itself. If, as we hope, the service is well received in Tyne and Wear, it will provide the foundation for further opportunities in other regions.

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James P from Sunderland

27/09/11 09:40

The cynic in me says that people are returning their subscriptions in droves and this is their plan to get it back - student TV. Take care Sky, Austin Powers lost his mojo once....

Michael Edwards

27/09/11 10:35

Sky often struggle to cover the regions so this is good news for the North East. However, this does look like it's being done on the cheap with inexperienced journalists.

Craig Rogers

15/11/11 19:40

The BBC is already making cuts to regional online news .. can't imagine Sky can make it work if the Beeb can't. Sounds like it'll be Newcastle United and ambulance chasing.

Adrian Don

25/11/11 17:47

The BBC are cutting back on regional journalism as their news budget shrinks and also as they fight off claims of unfair competition. ITV has deserted regional so Sky deserves a break - I hope they make it work, but in the long term, please don't skimp on good journalists!

Jeanette Roberts

26/11/11 14:58

I think this is a great idea! With both ITV & BBC cutting their local coverage, Sky can bring their 'brand' & sophisticated programme making skills into the local arena. As for the inexperienced journalists as mentioned above, so what if they maybe are? Some fresh, new talent will get a showcase & the public will get something completely new instead of the same old stuff being put out in the same old way by the same old people! Good luck to everyone involved in Sky Tyne & Wear - if no one ever had the guts to try something new, we wouldn't even have the wheel!

Tracy Stevenson

02/12/11 21:02

Hopefully this project will provide decent video coverage of our beloved North East. One journalist from Metro Radio has joined Sky Tyne & Wear, my favourite Joe Daunt!

John Johnson

19/01/12 21:29

I did an interview with sky regarding Joint enterprise. I have done lots of interviews in the past with both ITV & BBC and I must say the lady that interviewed me from Sky Tyne & Wear (Jessica Lane) was very professional,friendly and indeed knew what she was doing. She even enjoyed my cup of coffee and custard creams.

Joey Elwell

20/01/12 13:15

Why all the negative comments? At the least the service will be local. The BBC and Tyne Tees are far from local. Would you prefer the pilot to be done elsewhere? Plymouth for instance? Stop moaning and welcome this.

Paul Clayton

01/02/12 22:15

Well it's a great idea and honestly I hope it does work out. Well done to Sky for considering the North East as a trial area for this type of local service, as the North East is generally the last for everything (Digital Switch Over anyone??). Also as someone who follows a minority sport in the North East, Rugby League. It's great that they're looking to provide coverage Photographs and videos of local sports that aren't really covered on the local news by the BBC and ITV.....

Steven M from Liverpool

03/02/12 20:13

What a wonderful new idea! I wish Sky all the best with it! The government are currently talking about new local tv channels, so obviously they think their must be some demand for something like this across the country. Add in the fact that ITV local news may be dissapearing altogether in the not too distant future, and Sky could be filling a real gap in the market. Only one thing though...it might not make much of a profit , as often these sort of operations don't. If Sky are prepared to run it as a public service though, like they do with Sky News, then here is hoping that it can be but the first of many similiar websites, and be part of the continuation of Sky's evolution into a real pillar of British society and culture.

Basil Dumpling

05/02/12 18:53

With BBC and ITV cutting regional coverage, how are they going to train up journalists? It takes time and experience to become a decent reporter which is how we get such utter dross fronting Tyne Tees. Good luck to Sky if they can make this work. BBC Newcastle and Tyne Tees need a good kick to get them out of their complacency. The North East isn't just football and sick baby stories.

tom moyse

07/02/12 21:48

What a great idea and I disagree with the comments about "inexperienced journalists" Everyone has to start somewhere and some of these young kids are very talented to say the least. Well done Sky for giving them the break they deserve and I hope this proves to be a great success

Scott Latty

09/02/12 09:02

I personally feel that this is a perfect opoortunity to bring local talents, news and events to the forefront of our attention. I've met most of the team myself, and i was very impressed with how much passion, creativity and ambition is available. I say...watch this space!!

ken storey

14/02/12 11:15

great idea like kev phillps comments on sky sick of watching sky news about the top teams in premier league as if these were only clubs

big neil s/land

14/02/12 11:55

hope it does well best supporters in country.

harry stubbs

14/02/12 20:45

personally I think this is a great idea,the north east is a hot bed for sport, not only football,but we have rugby,basket ball, horse racing, and speedway,there is also lots of passion in thearea so lets hope sky sports can come up with the goods and the same passion,as the people in the north east.

stephen Hogg

16/02/12 03:26

how do i send photos to your site


07/06/12 20:44

The Sky Tyne & Wear service has been fantastic so far. Keep it up!

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