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I’m delighted to say that Sky Sports will be showing every F1TMGrand Prix until 2018. Subscribers are in for a real treat as Sky Sports gets ready to show every second of every race, qualifier and practice session. And, as you might expect, they can look forward to F1TM being given the Sky Sports treatment, with in-depth coverage and cutting edge innovation. In short, it promises to be a commitment to each race never seen before on UK television.

Sky was awarded broadcast rights alongside the BBC. As the UK’s two leading sports broadcasters, I’m confident that the partnership will bring increased choice, innovation and breadth of coverage to UK and Irish motor racing fans.

We’ll offer at least half of the season exclusively lives, with all of the live action in Standard Definition, HD, online, mobile and tablet devices, through Sky Go. The remaining races and qualifying sessions will be shown simultaneously with the BBC, whom will also show highlights of all races they don’t cover live.

F1TM is yet another brand new addition to our fantastic portfolio of live sport, following our first Masters from Augusta earlier this year. At Sky, combining quality content with leading innovation is the only way we know to keep subscribers happy and help introduce even more people to Sky Sports. It’s all about giving subscribers evened more choice and value.

Of course this is the year that in which Sky Sports marked its 20th birthday. Subscribers can now enjoy Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League football, England Test matches, three of golf’s four Majors, European and domestic rugby union, Super League rugby and a host of other sports events. We’ve never covered so much live action or so many individual sports.

But innovation is important too, to give subscribers as much control and flexibility over how they enjoy the action. We’ve really led the way in HD and 3D. But now we’re delivering mobility of content too, with multi-platform coverage is now available via Sky Go, a service that allows Sky TV customers with Sky Sports access across a range of devices at no extra cost.

The securing of F1TM rights is just part of the ever-evolving Sky Sports’ story.

Sky sports HD 


Chris Mason

29/07/11 08:08

Will it be exclusive to 1 Sky Sports channel, if will I have to subscribe to all of them to follow it..?

Craig McNaught

29/07/11 08:34

Can someone just be honest straight away instead of giving it the white smile of marketing. Every F1 fan wants to know will there be adverts during racing? I don't in the build up shows or after the race but when the race is what will sky do? You manage to do no adverts for 1-2 hours on sky movies please ensure you do it for the F1

Chris Wilson

29/07/11 08:39

Get Jake, Martin, Eddie, DC, Ted and Lee on board and keep it Ad-Free during races!!!!


29/07/11 08:48

Good news. would love to see some coverage in 3D. Imagine the view from the in-car cameras in 3D!

Ian Watson

29/07/11 08:51

Just who is covering what? BBC already have live coverage of qualifying and all races, are Sky simply adding Practice sessions to that?


29/07/11 09:04

Every second. Does that mean commercial free races? F1 is ruined with commercials.


29/07/11 09:30

Will the races be commercial free or will we have to endure 3 minutes of ad's and miss racing action like with ITV were the UK F1 broadcaster? And, as mentioned above, will it be one channel, or will it get banded around meaning not all viewers on all platforms can see all races on Sky Sports?

Get the existing team onboard

29/07/11 09:51

If BBC will have half the races, get Martin Brundle, Coulthard, Eddie and Jake to present and commentate them all - no point getting another team for races you are both covering.

Simon Taylor

29/07/11 10:58

Quote: "Sky Sports gets ready to show every second of every race, qualifier and practice session". I really do hope this will be the case - if 90+ minutes of football can be shown uninterrupted, then why can't F1?

Andrew Ross

29/07/11 11:17

Please please please show F1 in 3d!! Will there be ad breaks during race?

James Harvey

29/07/11 11:33

"Subscribers are in for a real treat as Sky Sports gets ready to show every second of every race, qualifier and practice session." That makes it pretty clear that there will be no advert breaks during the race. Did you guys not read it?

james peart

29/07/11 12:18

please please please, get the current BBC commentary team especially Brundle. And don't show adverts during races. i'm very happy with F1 going to sky, their coverage of all other sports is by far the best around. p.s. don't show adverts during races

Mark S Smith

29/07/11 12:34

Are Sky Sports showing all races live or just the half the BBC don't show live?

Mark Cary

29/07/11 13:05

So will it be a minimum of £42 to have F1 in HD? I have no interest in any of Sky's other sports, will there be an F1 only option?

Dean bracey

30/07/11 08:51

Just don't spoil what is already great coverage.. No ads during race time and keep the commentary staff the same.. It works..


31/07/11 13:38

Will Sky's F1 be on Sky Sports 1 and 2 which are available on TopUP TV and other formats? Or will Sky move F1 around their sports channels to force us to get a dish?

Andy torr

31/07/11 18:56

who will present the show? will you have a forum type show after? Do i have to pay for all ur sports package or can i just pay for f1? will there be adverts? How much will it cost me? If i can offer some advice you must break a deal with the bbc about useing martin,david,eddie and jake because it wont matter who you get they will never compare and you will second best right of the bat good luck and dont let us down .............

Gareth Kear

01/08/11 15:19

Let me guess, practice will be on Sky Sports 4, qualies on 3, first half of the race on sky sports 2 and the last half on sky sports 1? Not too bothered about the practice sessions but I hope you keep the qualies and the race on one channel. F1 is the only sport I watch and I'm not happy that I have to fork out for a sports channel to watch 1 sport!


05/08/11 16:54

Stop dreaming about 3D. Formula One Management TV owns all the cameras Sky have just bought access to their feed.


08/08/11 19:49

Please DO NOT show adverts during the race - I hated that aspect of ITV coverage and it's one of the best things about watching it on the BBC. Every F1 fan wants to see the races live and uninterrupted (it's only a couple of hours)!


14/08/11 13:36

bbc1 is the home of f1, i cant afford sky. we have a tradition of the family having sunday dinner together watching f1. sky will never equal the bbc coverage .

mark c

14/08/11 14:24

i think sky and bbc should both use the same presenters and commentary.


16/08/11 09:05

will sky offer any cut rate packages for f1 ONLY viewing on sky sports. also i agree with mark c i believe it would serve sky best if they kept the Current "dream team" as i call them together.


12/11/11 16:05

Keep Jake, Martin, David and Ted and get rid of Eddie. Also show in 3d would be excellent


14/11/11 07:55

"F1" is not a trademark silly.

Jason Wilson-harper

27/02/12 02:04

No ad breaks. Please. Would be great if someone from sky would comment on this properly. And no I don't believe any of the corporate drivel spouted by this CEO type. Heard it all before mate

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