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29 January 2013
BSkyB recognised as Media Sector Leader by Forest Footprint Disclosure

The fourth annual Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) Report today revealed that BSkyB has for the first time been recognised for its leadership role in the Media sector in addressing its ‘forest footprint’. 

Fiona Ball, Head of Environment & Engagement at Sky said, ‘We're delighted to be rated the leading company in the Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) Project for the media sector this year. Taking part in the FFD Project keeps on challenging us in our work with our suppliers so that we improve the way we source the products we use in our business day to day that come from the rainforest. It’s also a great fit with Sky Rainforest Rescue, our partnership with WWF, working  in Acre, north west Brazil to give local people in the Amazon ways of making a fair living from the forest, without cutting down the trees.’

James Hulse, Director, FFD said, ‘Participation in the Media sector continues to be restricted to a small number of opinion formers. BSkyB are to be congratulated for their leadership position’.
Each year FFD asks the world’s largest companies to disclose their impact on forests based on their use of five commodities: soy, palm oil, timber and pulp, cattle products, and biofuels. Companies are categorised into twelve sectors and leaders are identified.

The 2012 FFD sector leaders share a common commitment to innovation and ensuring security of supply for their future.  Leadership consists of moving beyond the immediate supply chain to engagement upstream and being prepared to spend time and money on finding solutions to problems wherever they are found in the world.

100 companies have voluntarily disclosed their forest footprint, an increase of almost 15% compared to last year; however, the gap between the leaders of the forest risk commodity sectors and their peers is ever growing.

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For a copy of the report please visit

About FFD
Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) is a special project of the Global Canopy Programme, (GCP) initiated in 2008. FFD engages with private sector companies to ask them to disclose their current understanding of their ‘forest footprint’ based on exposure to five key commodities – soy, palm oil, timber, cattle products and biofuels – in their operations and/or supply chains. All of these commodities have the potential to be sourced from recently deforested land. FFD goes beyond simple disclosure and acts as a catalyst for investors to really engage with the companies in their portfolios on this issue. In 2012, the Forest Footprint Disclosure Request was sent to 450 global companies.

FFD is currently backed by more than 180 endorsing investors managing in excess of $12.8 trillion.

On 12th June, 2012 the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and GCP announced an alliance that will see GCP’s FFD merge with CDP over two years.  This strategic merger by CDP and GCP will bring corporate disclosure on carbon and the climate, water and forests under one roof, resulting in the world’s largest and most comprehensive natural capital disclosure system, and will provide companies and investors with a single, integrated source of information for these interrelated issues.

For more information please contact:
Clara Eldridge, Corporate Communications Manager
+44 2070326871

About BSkyB
Sky is a valued part of everyday life in over 10 million homes. We entertain, excite and inspire customers with a great choice of high-quality television in high definition. We make technology simple and put viewers in control. We connect people to each other and to the world with our broadband and phone services.  We put customers first and work hard to earn their trust.

Seeing the bigger picture is part and parcel of the way we do business. That’s why we’re committed to doing the right thing and playing our part in the communities where we live and work. 

We strive to be the best for our customers and our people, and to make a positive contribution to life in the UK and Ireland. We believe that focusing on long-term sustainability is the best way to achieve lasting success and create value for shareholders. 

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