Sustainable production video

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30 August 2013
Sustainable production video

At Sky we work to reduce the impacts we have on the environment through our operations, our products and through our supply chain. One area we’re focusing on is the impact our television productions have on the environment. To reduce these we’re doing a number of things, which include working with our production companies and also working with other broadcasters in the BAFTA Sustainability Working Group. Now, when we commission a new TV programme, our independent production companies use a carbon calculator to measure the impacts of the new production before it takes place and takes steps to reduce these. We’ve created the above video so you can find out more about our approach to sustainable production at Sky and how we’ve worked with Roughcut TV and used this carbon calculator in the new comedy series Trollied which airs on Sky 1 HD on 5 September.

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  • 24/09/2013

    Environmental impacts go way beyond carbon, how are you measuring other environmental impacts from waste to water to social impact?

  • 24/09/2013

    Yes we totally agree it goes beyond just carbon emissions. If you visit our environment reporting page you can see what we are doing to minimise our own impacts, how we work with our suppliers and how we inspire consumers to minimise their impacts too. Thanks, Bigger Picture team.

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