Narrator: From the outset, Sky Studios was designed to be the most sustainable broadcast facility in Europe. Our vision was complete with the installation of our first ever onsite wind turbine. Committed to reducing our impact on the environment, the Sky Studios building already incorporates a number of energy efficiency practices, like recycling rainwater, ventilating naturally to avoid the use of air conditioning, using motion sensors to activate lighting, and turning downward energy into upward energy to power the lifts.
But, for the power that can’t be reduced by efficiency measures, Sky Studios produces its own onsite renewable energy by burning old wooden pallets to provide heating and cooling for its broadcast operations. And now, it has an eye-catching wind turbine, built to produce 133 megawatt hours of clean energy per annum. That’s enough power to supply the whole of Sky Studios’ lighting for the entire year. But, just as importantly, the amount of carbon emissions saved annually by the wind turbine will be equivalent to a petrol-powered car travelling 370,000 miles – that’s like taking a road-trip around the world 15 times a year. Taking just one year to manufacture, build and lift into place, the wind turbine is built to withstand all weather conditions – from frost to lightning storms – and has been designed to function even at the lowest wind-speeds. The triangular structure spirals up to three rotary blades, with a total diameter spanning 21 metres. And at 71 metres in height, the wind turbine proudly resides over the West London skyline. With the new landmark now in place, it represents just how serious we are about tackling climate change, and the steps we’re taking to minimise our impact on the environment. To find out more, visit our website.


Narrator: Sky – believe in better.