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How to be a supplier

How we buy

Sky recognises that implementing best in class procurement practices can result in strategic, financial and operational advantage and can also significantly reduce commercial and operational risk. We also acknowledge that working closely with our suppliers will inspire innovation in products and services, ultimately giving a better experience to our internal and external customers.

To that end - we work closely with our business areas in order to provide the following:

  • Products and services that are fit for purpose.
  • Products and services that offer the best total cost to Sky.
  • Products and services that are delivered according to specifications.
  • Products and services that are generated in compliance with laws and  regulations of the applicable country and compliance with Sky’s ethical, corporate & social and environmental policies.
  • Supplier relationships that will continually meet the aspirations of Sky’s business, working with us to develop and evolve products and services.

Sky's ethical and corporate responsibilities

Sky's responsible sourcing policy

Sky’s environment policy

Contractors Working on Sky Premises Guidance

Sky's Bigger Picture Performance update 2015/16

Authenticity of Sky plc Purchase Orders

Should you wish to check the authenticity of your Sky plc Purchase Order in the first instance then call the Sky plc Accounts Payable team who will assist you by validating the order. Their contact details are: +44 (0)1506 792 500 or email APHelpdesk@sky.uk

You should not provide any goods or services until you are satisfied the Purchase Order is genuine.

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Purchasing and invoicing

To ensure standardisation, all suppliers are required to receive purchase orders via their account in our designated online web portal. In addition, if applicable, suppliers are required to submit electronic invoices by return using the same online system. 
Sky’s standard Terms and Conditions

Key contacts

For enquiries regarding payment, please contact BSkyB Accounts Payable:

For technical enquiries, please contact the BSkyB Ariba Help Desk: