Our Executive team

Jeremy Darroch

Group Chief Executive

Jeremy Darroch is Group Chief Executive of Sky plc.

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Andrew Griffith

Group Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Griffith was appointed Group Chief Operating Officer in March 2016 and is Board Director of the Sky Group plc.

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Deborah Baker

Group Director for People

Deborah Baker joined Sky in December 2007 as Director for People.

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James Conyers

Group General Counsel

James Conyers was appointed Group General Counsel in 2015.

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Gary Davey

Managing Director, Content

Gary Davey was appointed Managing Director, Content in January 2015.

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Barney Francis

Managing Director, Sky Sports

Barney Francis was appointed Managing Director, Sky Sports in July 2009.

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Mai Fyfield

Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer

Mai is Sky’s Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, having been appointed as Chief Strategy Officer in 2015 and Commercial Officer in 2016.

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Catherine Hicks

Group Corporate Affairs Director

Catherine Hicks joined Sky in January 2016 as Group Corporate Affairs Director.

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Didier Lebrat

Chief Technology Officer

Didier Lebrat joined Sky in December 2006 as Chief Technology Officer.

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Stephen van Rooyen

Chief Executive Officer, UK and Ireland

Stephen was appointed Chief Executive, UK and Ireland in March 2016.

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Carsten Schmidt

Chief Executive Officer, Sky Deutschland

Carsten Schmidt was appointed CEO of Sky Deutschland in June 2015.

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Chris Stylianou

Chief Operating Officer, UK and Ireland

Chris Stylianou was appointed Managing Director, Customer Service Group in August 2011.

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Alun Webber

Chief Product Officer

Alun Webber was appointed Sky’s Chief Product Officer in 2016.

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Andrea Zappia

Chief Executive Officer, Sky Italia

Andrea Zappia was appointed as Chief Executive Officer, Sky Italia in August 2011.

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