Seeing the bigger picture

In focus

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Our approach

Seeing the bigger picture is part of our business strategy, and reflects our Believe in Better  ethos, our commitment to constant renewal and improvement in everything that we do. Over the last year, Sky has grown considerably, with the acquisitions of both Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia. We now employ almost 30,000 people and reach 21 million customers across Europe. While this growth provides great opportunities for our business, it also comes with greater responsibility. Our approach to building a durable business for the long term remains the same – making a social and economic contribution, acting responsibly day to day, and reaching beyond our business to inspire action and make a positive difference. Over the coming year we’ll be building on the initiatives already in place and will continue to align our approach across the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. Read about our initiatives within the sections below:

    Sustainability reporting

    We have been reporting on our approach to sustainability, which we call seeing the bigger picture, since 2002. The Sustainability reporting section provides an overview of our strategy and a detailed update of our progress over the past year. New for this year, we have built an interactive tool giving an overview of our progress in 2014/15. It reflects the work we have done to prioritise the measures we report on – and we now have a clear set of priority measures, including three lead indicators linked to the focus areas of our strategy, which you can explore in the How we're doing 2014/15 section.