We work to reduce our environmental impacts, create better, more sustainable products and inspire our customers and suppliers to take action on environmental issues. 

Sustainable products

We use a Life Cycle Assessment process, which helps us to identify and analyse the impacts a product might have, from the design stage, to the raw materials that go in, to manufacturing, to usage in our customers’ homes, right through to the end of the product life and its disposal. Through this process, we’ve improved the diagnosis of technical problems in our set-top box, reducing the number of set-top boxes customers need to send back to us by a third. We’ve also made significant improvements to the packaging of our boxes, saving 150 tonnes of waste-paper and 2.8 million litres of water from the manufacturing process. See the full results of our Sky+ HD Box Environment Factsheet.

In the UK and Ireland, we ensure that 100% of products returned to us are reused or recycled. In Italy, we’ve worked with ReMedia, a leading Italian consortium, to reuse and recycle as much material as possible from set-top boxes that are no longer in service. We founded the European Voluntary Agreement to improve the energy efficiency of Pay Television (Complex) Set-Top Boxes. This year, we initiated the development of a new standard (IEEE 1680.6) to drive best practice in the eco-design of Pay TV Set-Top Boxes, also chairing the working group of over 30 members who are developing this worldwide standard.

Sustainable products

Watch our video on how we make our products more sustainable

Reducing our emissions

We place a huge focus on reducing our own carbon emissions and are investing in on-site renewable energy sources to help us move closer to our target of 20% of our energy to come from our own, on-site or controlled energy sources by 2020. This year we built on our existing UK and Ireland commitment to reduce our carbon by 50% against a 2008 baseline by measuring our carbon intensity across the group (10.57tCO2e). We want to make sure we’re playing our part in order to keep the planet below 2°C degrees of warming. We’ve worked with environmental consultants Trucost to benchmark Sky’s group carbon emissions performance against the global decarbonisation pathway set out by the GEVA science-based target methodology.

This shows that Sky, at a group level, has been reducing its emissions at a rate well within the reduction required to meet the 2°C warming limit agreed at the Paris climate negotiations. This reflects our work to drive energy efficiency and invest in renewables and will inform our strategy going forward.  

We’ve already installed a Combined Cooling, Heating & Power plant (CCHP), wind power, biomass boilers, photovoltaic cells (PVs) and geothermal power in our offices. In the coming year, further PVs will be installed in the UK along with a CCHP in Italy. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to renewable energy we have signed up to RE100, helping to drive the clean energy revolution. Since 2009 we have been committed to 100% of our electricity either being produced by on-site renewables or procured from renewable sources in the UK and Ireland. We are now working towards the same targets for Sky Italy and Sky Germany and Austria. In 2015/16 our group wide renewable energy use was 497,203 gigajoules across the group, including electricity generated from on-site renewables and that procured from renewable sources.  

We understand the need to address adaptation required as a result of climate change, within our own business, our suppliers and in supporting our customers. 

Find out how to recycle your old Sky equipment here.

    Sky central bulding

    We are committed to eliminating waste to landfill. In the UK and Ireland, we’ve achieved our target of recycling 100% food waste and have made  progress over the year towards our target of zero waste to landfill by 2020.

    Inspiring action on climate change

    We can have a much greater impact by working together with our suppliers, partners and customers to make a difference, so we look beyond our own operations. That’s why we continue to focus on engaging our customers through partnerships such as our support of WWF’s Earth Hour. We want to bring the issue of climate change to life and give people the confidence that the things they do, little or large, will lead to better lives for everyone.

    In September 2015, we celebrated the completion of Sky Rainforest Rescue, our six-year partnership with WWF, through which we helped raise over £9m, save one billion trees in the Amazon and raise awareness of deforestation among 7.3 million people. 

    In addition to being in the CDP A List, we’re part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain Programme, engaging with our key suppliers on climate change. Now in our fifth year, we continue to see a strong response rate with 64% of our selected suppliers participating, and on average achieving a disclosure score above the global CDP average. These suppliers report a number of emission reduction activities, resulting in savings of around two million tonnes of CO2 and an estimated US$104 million.

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        Sustainable production


        We’ve been working with our production companies and partners to measure the environmental footprint of the programmes they make. 

        In the UK and Ireland, we’re working to increase the awareness of environmental issues within the production industry through BAFTA’s Sustainability Working Group. We’ve fully embedded BAFTA’s industry tool, Albert, within our commissioning process, using it to measure carbon emissions for all of our externally commissioned programmes and then set genre-specific targets. 

          Sustainable production

          Watch our video with Ross Kemp on Albert +