Our approach

Developing our Bigger Picture strategy

  • We listen to and learn from our people and our wider stakeholders
  • We assess the material sustainability risks to our business
  • We identify the opportunities we have as a leading media and communications company to make a positive difference to society.

From this we build our sustainability strategy and determine our material areas of focus.

    our strategy

      Making our business successful for the long term

      Seeing the bigger picture is an integral part of how we create value alongside:

      • Investing for the long term – We invest over the long term because we want to build a business that is durable. This means ensuring that we create the conditions for sustainable success whilst also delivering results in the short term
      • Driving efficiency – We underpin everything that we do with a rigorous focus on operating efficiency. By ensuring that we have an efficient and agile operating model, we consistently drive down costs to allow us to invest more where customers see greatest value
      • Investing in our people – We invest in our people because we recognise that their talent and commitment are critical to our success. We aim to foster a culture which encourages our people to fulfill their potential and to strive for continual improvement in all that they do, enabling us all to achieve great things together

        the martian

            The difference we make

              Positive contribution

            • Creating jobs and helping economies grow

            • Acting as a powerhouse for the creative industries in Europe

            • Investing in communities across Europe

              Responsible business

            • Reducing our impact on the environment and inspiring action on climate change

            • Making the Sky experience safe and accessible for everyone, including families and our customers with disabilities

            • Working with suppliers to improve environmental, ethical and social standards

            • Creating an inclusive place to work where our talent is supercharged

            • Keeping personal and commercial data safe and secure

              Inspiring action

            • Unlocking potential in young people, helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed

            • Inspiring the nation to get back on their bikes

            Working with others

            We develop our Bigger Picture strategy around our identified areas of focus to ensure we are good for our customers, our people, our partners, the environment and our communities. We put our customers at the heart of what we do, and address the issues they care about most. We collaborate with others on an ongoing basis to help us fulfil our strategy. From working with our customers and NGO’s like the Business Disability Forum to improve our products for those with accessibility needs, to working with industry bodies such as the Media CSR Forum to identify important issues for our the media sector.

              Working with others infographic

                Bigger Picture governance

                Sky’s Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of the Company and ensures that its strategy is aligned to the interests of investors, taking account of the interests of all the Company’s stakeholders. This includes our responsible business approach and our work with our customers and communities to inspire action and create opportunities. Sky’s formal Committee of the Board, our Bigger Picture Committee, has responsibility for the oversight of the social, environmental and ethical impacts of the Company’s activities, including approving the Bigger Picture strategy, monitoring progress and approving our Bigger Picture Performance update. The Committee meets twice a year and is chaired by James Murdoch. The Committee is joined by members of Sky’s Executive team who also support the development of the Bigger Picture strategy. The strategy is implemented by a number of steering groups and teams in each territory. Our bi-annual risk assessment process is governed by our Audit and Risk Management Committee and assesses all areas of risk across the business including our responsible business focus areas; anti-bribery and corruption, data privacy and human rights, amongst many other areas. 

                  Our Bigger Picture strategy is led by members of the Executive Committee and supported by a number of steering groups. Those that work on our Bigger Picture strategy, including Executive Directors who are responsible for elements of the strategy, have an element of their reward linked to sustainability performance. The Bigger Picture strategy is implemented by teams across the group who manage our day-to-day work, collaborate with external organisations and colleagues across Sky on our responsible business activities, and deliver initiatives to inspire action. However, all our employees are key to how we continue as a responsible business and have a positive impact on society. That’s why ‘doing the right thing’ is one of the values and behaviours that we ask all employees to uphold, and is reflected in how we reward Sky employees.  


                    Across our business we have codes of practice which underpin our responsible business commitments and we always aim to follow the codes of the relevant regulators in each of the territories in which we operate. With the European expansion of our business we are aligning our policies across the group.