Return your old Sky products

Return your old Sky products

At Sky we're committed to delivering better, more sustainable products and we are always looking at ways to make things brilliantly easy for our customers. One of the ways we're doing this is by making it as simple as possible for our you to return your old and unwanted Sky products to us. By returning their old Sky products, customers will be both minimising their environmental impact and helping to reduce global climate change.

Electrical equipment shouldn't be disposed of with your general household rubbish as this means it will be sent to landfill which is harmful to the environment. Instead you can return your old products to Sky. Customers in the UK and Ireland can either post their unwanted electrical equipment to us free of charge, or give it to a Sky engineer whenever they visit the home.

Does it have to be a Sky branded product?

You can return any electrical products we have provided you with (for example a television, tablet or SIM card). They do not have to be Sky branded (for example a Sky+ HD box). If you are returning a SIM card, please cut it into pieces before sending it to us.

Recently upgraded and have an old Sky+ HD box or Sky Hub router?

If you've recently upgraded your Sky box and now have an old Sky+ HD box that you no longer use and you live in the UK, either send it back in the plastic bag provided if you received a self set up box or give it to a visiting engineer. 

    • How do I return my Sky products?Show section

      You can return any electrical equipment provided by us free of charge by clicking on the link below to create a bespoke label to stick on your package.

      You can then drop it off at your local post office for return to us. Make sure you package it carefully and remove any batteries.

      If you've recently upgraded and have received a self set-up box, you would have been provided with a pre-paid and addressed plastic bag. See section two for more details.

      Alternatively, you can give your old Sky equipment to a Sky engineer the next time they visit.

      If you are returning a SIM card please cut it into pieces before sending it to us.

      If you live in the Republic of Ireland you can also take old Sky equipment to your nearest local collection site - find one at

      If you are registered with Sky’s Accessibility team and require additional support to return your equipment, please contact Accessibility directly on 03442 410 333.  Other contact methods can be found on their website

    • What happens to the Sky products I return?Show section

      Sky reuses or recycles every single product that it receives back. The equipment is either refurbished or their parts are broken down and recycled.

    • What else is Sky doing to make its products more sustainable?Show section

      Sky is committed to delivering better, more sustainable products for our customers.

      Watch this video to find out more about what we're doing.

      You can also find out more by visiting the environment section of our website