It’s our amazing people that make Sky Europe’s leading entertainment company. We work hard to be an inclusive employer that attracts the best talent, offering a great place to work and opportunities to reach their potential.


From designing new and innovative products, to coming up with ideas for great TV, our business needs the very best people to come together every day to make great things happen. We know we will be better placed for success if we have a diverse and balanced workforce that reflects the societies in which we operate. We believe that everyone should have full and fair consideration for all vacancies, promotions, training and development. That’s why we are committed to championing an inclusive culture of opportunity for all.

Women in Leadership
Today 38% of our senior leaders in the UK and Ireland (Top 400) are women.  Our aim is to move that to a half through our Women in Leadership initiative. We believe that having a gender balanced leadership team makes us a better business. We better reflect our customers, draw on different and varied experiences, and have diverse ideas and opinions. To reach a 50/50 split, we’re doing three things.  Firstly, we’re levelling the playing field, for example through 50/50 shortlists for all senior positions.  Secondly, we’re supercharging the great women already working for us through our Women in Leadership Sponsorship and Development programme; and thirdly we’re attracting the best talent to work for us, through building our reputation. For 2016 we are expanding our focus on Women in Technology, and creating bespoke schemes to attract more women into the world of technology which we see as our future.

See our Women in Leadership 2015/16 Review for more highlights 

Watch our videos to hear from some of our women in leadership.

We offer opportunities through Sky Academy Starting Out  for young people who might otherwise find it difficult to find opportunities in the job market, specifically in the areas of Entertainment, Content and News. Our Fast Forward programme offers students from local UK schools 11 months’ paid work experience across different teams within the entertainment and sports teams at Sky. 

    Sky People Inclusivity Trapeze

    We also run a Work Experience Diversity Placement in Sky News , offered to budding journalists from either a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) group or a financially-disadvantaged background. 

    Diversity is just as important on screen and this is why in the UK and Ireland 100% of production companies have signed up to the Creative Diversity Network. To see more information on our progress on inclusivity see our latest Bigger Picture Performance update.

    We continue to support a number of networks including Parents @ Sky and LGBT @ Sky.

    We know there’s more we can do to have a workforce which truly reflects the societies in which we operate and so over the coming year we will be driving our progress further. We are focused on creating a fully inclusive culture to allow everyone, no matter what their background, gender, age or ability to do their best work at Sky.

    Visit our Work For Sky website to learn more about our people .

    Great place to work

    We work to build an open culture, reward and recognise great performance, provide a safe and productive environment for our employees in which they can do their best work, and offer great benefits.

    We have an engagement survey to help us track how our people are feeling and identify the key drivers behind this. We continue to experience high levels of participation in our people survey, averaging 77% across the two surveys this year and high levels of engagement amongst our UK and Ireland employees. We benchmark our results externally using data from Aon Hewitt and we are 10% above the external benchmark.

    We also work through our employee forum, called Sky Forum, to ensure our people have a voice and a mechanism to ask questions. Our forum representatives are elected from within the business and work closely with the leadership teams to raise and resolve issues, and present new ideas on behalf of their fellow employees. Over the coming year we are looking to align how we measure engagement across all our territories.

    Across the group we offer highly competitive reward packages, offer great benefits, have initiatives in place to recognise our people and support them in important stages of their lives, such as parenthood or during a period of illness. Almost 50% of our people take advantage of the benefits we offer such as our Healthcare Plans and our Share Save Plan which offers them a stake in the success of Sky. We support our employees to volunteer across the Group, offering two days paid volunteering in the UK and Ireland to support Sky Academy (more than 10% of our employees get involved each year) and our ‘Helping Hands’ volunteering programme in Germany promotes employee involvement in Sky Foundation initiatives such as the Special Olympics and ‘Buntkicktgut’. 

    We are committed to building a great place to work which enables everyone at Sky to fulfil their potential and for us to attract and nurture the skills we need to succeed. Our commitments to our people and the responsibilities that employees of Sky have in ‘doing the right thing’ are outlined in Sky’s Ways of Working. This is communicated to all employees when joining Sky and is available throughout their time at Sky on the intranet. All employees are required to complete our anti-bribery and corruption online course on starting at the company. We know that sometimes people will leave Sky and go onto other things, our voluntary employee turnover rate in 2015/16 was 13% in the UK and Ireland. Total number of employees on fixed term or temporary contracts (FTE) in the UK and Ireland is 578 out of 23,256 total number of employees (headcount).

      Sky employees

      Our people are able to give to registered charities of their choice through payroll giving (matching 50p to every £1) and match funding (matching up to £300 per year). 

      Visit our Work For Sky site to find out more about our benefits, rewards and what it’s like to work at Sky. 

        Developing talent

        We work hard to attract the best talent and know that development opportunities and professional growth are really important to high-performing employees. We provide the tools to develop job-specific skills and support them to take on new challenges and drive their own personal development.

        Learning opportunities are offered at every level of our business, from face to face training sessions, or online self-learning modules, to podcasts and short reads. We’ve also placed a huge focus on using secondments, holiday covers and new projects as much as possible to help our employees develop.

        Our leaders and managers have a huge influence on how our people feel and perform when they’re at work. We provide them with a range of tailored programmes such as our new training programme in Germany and Austria, ‘Leaders@Sky’, and in the UK and Ireland, Sky Manager HD. 

        We also deliver specialist training, such as our ‘One Service’ initiative for our Customer Contact Centres so our staff are equipped to deal with queries across all of our products.

        Visit our Work For Sky  site to find out more about our benefits, rewards and what it’s like to work at Sky. 

        A group of graduates throwing their mortar boards