Responsible sourcing and human rights

We want to be a good partner to all those we work with and we aim to ensure our commitment to human rights is upheld across and beyond our business.

Responsible sourcing

resposible-sourcingOur business relies on strong partnerships with many suppliers and distributors. We want to be a good partner to all those we work with. This year we have focused on implementing our responsible sourcing strategy across the group. Our approach includes setting high ethical, environmental and social standards for suppliers, detailed in our Responsible Sourcing Policy , and working in partnership to help them improve. We have a strong target to drive transparency in the supply chain and understand potential risks and opportunities. 

All suppliers over £100k or €100k in spend have been through an inherent risk assessment where we find areas for improvement. We work with suppliers that we deem to be of higher risk to help them to improve standards. 

Our responsible sourcing policy is communicated with all our supply chain and procurement teams and is mentioned in all supplier contracts. Relevant supply chain employees are trained in our responsible sourcing approach on an ongoing basis. The responsible sourcing policy has been communicated to all new and existing suppliers and questions on social, environmental and governance standards included in our supplier qualification questionnaires for new and existing suppliers. 

Sky is an Affiliate Member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and supports the EICC vision of a global electronics industry that creates sustainable value for workers, the environment and business. At Sky, as part of our ongoing approach to responsible sourcing and human rights, we are committed to aligning our own operations with the provisions of the EICC Code of Conduct and supporting our suppliers to do the same.

In order to protect our future supply chain and minimise our impacts, we recognise that there are particular areas where we should focus. One of the things we’re doing to as part of our plan to address these selected areas of focus is establishing a strategic partnership with WWF, helping us look at the
following areas:

Conflict minerals

We assess the use of certain metals and minerals in Sky products, to understand the steps companies in the global electronics industry are taking to manage risks related to the use of those metals and minerals that are increasingly scarce, or sourced from ‘conflict’ zones.                                                                                                      

Paper and wood

As part of our continuing commitment to responsible sourcing, Sky has signed WWF’s Sustainable Timber pledge and are publicly committed to sourcing all our wood paper from sustainably managed sources by 2020. Through the campaign, we’re supporting the call for the EU to close the loopholes in the EU Timber Regulation and for the transition to a sustainable market by 2020.                                                                                  


We’ve completed a further assessment of our suppliers based on their carbon impact, so that we can use the CDP Supply Chain Programme to help us encourage our top 50 most carbon intensive suppliers to reduce carbon emissions. Over the last four years of engagement with the CDP Supply Chain, our suppliers are increasingly reporting their carbon emissions, and have been able to identify significant emission reductions and cost savings. We've recently signed up to CDPs Action Exchange initiative helps provide free resources to companies to help them uncover areas where they could implement energy efficiency measures.                                                                                                    

human rights

Human rights

We aim to ensure our commitment to human rights is upheld across and beyond our business and we’ve put in place clear governance structures to support this. Our ongoing approach to human rights focuses on our own people, the people in our supply chain and our customers. We are committed to upholding the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Our approach is to carry out effective and robust due diligence to prevent, mitigate, remedy and account for adverse impacts of our activities.

This year we have focused on a specific modern slavery risk assessment to identify focus areas for the business. These include: Our people, production, products and property services and we have action plans in place to better understand the nature of any risk and to implement supportive actions where necessary. One of the actions we have taken is to extend our supplier questionnaire we have also introduced questions on human rights and modern slavery.

We have also published our first Modern Slavery Statement, detailing the ongoing developments of our processes to identify and mitigate against any potential human rights issues.   

Our people

We treat all our people equally, fairly, with respect and without prejudice. We make it easy for our people to get help and advice and to raise concerns.. We build trust with our customers by respecting their privacy and by making the Sky experience safe and accessible for everyone, including families and our customers with disabilities.                                                                                                    


We treat all our people equally, fairly, with respect and without prejudice. We make it easy for our people to get help and advice and to raise concerns..                                                                                                     

People in our supply chain

We are committed to collaborating with our suppliers and their workforces around the world to ensure strong labour standards and practices and prevent bribery and corruption.