Dividend information


Shareholders can have their dividends paid directly into a UK bank or building society account. A dividend mandate form can be downloaded from the Equiniti website. Sky encourages all shareholders to use this facility to prevent lost dividend cheques.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

The Company operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”) which enables shareholders to buy the Company’s shares on the London stock market by reinvesting their cash dividend. Further information about the DRIP is available from Equiniti. The helpline number is 0871 384 2268 from inside the UK and +44 121 415 7173 from overseas.

Dividend history

Download Dividend History here.

Overseas dividend payments

A service has been established to provide shareholders in over 30 countries worldwide with the opportunity to receive their Sky dividends in their local currency. For a small flat-rate fee, shareholders can have their dividends automatically converted from Sterling and paid into their nominated bank account, normally within five working days of the dividend payment date. For further details, please contact the Sky shareholder helpline on +44 121 415 7567.

Consolidated tax vouchers

During the 2007/08 financial year, the Company introduced a new consolidated tax voucher (“CTV”) service for those shareholders who have chosen to receive dividends directly into their bank account. Funds will still be credited to your account on payment day, but there will be no postal notification of the dividend payment to coincide. Instead, you will receive a personalised CTV, detailing all the dividend payments in the tax year. These will be mailed by the end of November each year, to coincide with the final dividend payment.

Please note that shareholders who still choose to receive their dividends by cheque will receive a tax voucher attached to each dividend cheque. However, choosing to have your dividends paid directly into your bank account, and joining the CTV service, is more secure, helps the environment and minimises waste. See Dividends above for a link to the relevant form. If you have any queries about your CTV, please contact Equiniti.