Electronic shareholder communications

At the Company’s Annual General Meeting in November 2007, the Company gained shareholder approval to adopt changes in the law governing electronic communication. This allows the Company to use their website as the main way to communicate with shareholders, sending out Annual Reports only to those who tell us they want to continue to receive a paper copy.

The Board regards this as a positive step for both the Company and shareholders. It will reduce our impact on the environment, minimise waste and reduce costs. It will enable stakeholders to keep updated with developments at Sky as they happen by accessing our website.

Become a Sky e-Shareholder

Register here and follow the four easy steps to register for Shareview, a free and secure service offered by Equiniti, our Registrar.

What will I need to sign up?

  • Your 8 or 11 digit number Unique Reference Number or  Shareholder Reference which can be found on your share certificate, dividend cheque, tax voucher or voting card.
  • You’ll also need to include your email address.

Electronic shareholder communication is offered in conjunction with Equiniti Shareview Service and is subject to the terms and conditions of that service. When you have registered on the Equiniti website, your activation code will be posted to you (for security reasons).

Register for direct dividend payment

When you have received your activation code, just log on to your Shareview account and enter your bank account details.

Shareview – secure, easy and free

Shareview allows you to choose to receive Sky shareholder communications by email as soon as they are available and you can choose to have your dividends paid direct to your bank or building society account. No more postal delays or queues at the bank.

Other benefits

  • Access and manage your shares online
  • Update your personal details or dividend payment instructions
  • Electronic tax vouchers
  • Buy and sell shares through Shareview Dealing
  • Cast your AGM vote
  • Help us save paper