Tom Parmenter

Tom Parmenter

Sky Correspondent Tom Parmenter has spent over ten years at Sky News delivering exclusive agenda setting stories around the UK and overseas. By gaining the trust of people who rarely talk to anyone else he has told stories that have made global headlines.

Tom has specialised in uncovering the scandal of child sexual abuse in the UK. In 2014, his dogged pursuit of the truth forced the government to publish previously secret sex abuse files. 


Tom has also led coverage of various celebrity scandals including the cases of Rolf Harris and most notably Max Clifford. It was the publicist’s bizarre behaviour,creeping up behind Tom and mimicking his actions as he was recording a report that led the judge to increase Clifford’s sentence.  


He reported from Paris in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in 2015 and was then back in the French capital later that year for the second wave of atrocities. His coverage from France helped Sky News win an RTS award. 


In 2014, he secured exclusive access inside an underground cannabis operation run by a drugs cartel in London. His interview with four teenage looters just days after the August 2011 riots revealed just why many young people felt their looting spree was justified. Tom also worked with an anonymous source in south London who wanted to hand in a stash of guns that had been hidden away for further disorder – Sky News obtained the information that led detectives to a haul of five firearms. Tom has also investigated many aspects of gangs in the UK – he gained exclusive access into the warring street gangs in Liverpool that claimed the life of 11-year-old Rhys Jones.


In 2012, Tom travelled to the Congo to investigate ‘kindoki’ – the belief in witchcraft that leads to many children being beaten and killed by their own families. He was live on air as Amanda Knox left prison in Italy, reported throughout the Madeleine McCann searches in Portugal and has also spent time in 2013 covering the Sky News Washington bureau filing stories from all over America. In 2015 he flew with the RAF as part of their missions over Iraq and Syria.   


In London he has also reported on the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, the 2012 Olympics, Margaret Thatcher’s funeral and the royal wedding of William and Kate. 


Tom joined Sky News as North of England Correspondent in 2006. Previously Tom has worked as a reporter for ITV Central and ITV Meridian.