After Hours Press Pack

After Hours Press Pack
Kick-starting Sky 1 ‘s year-round commitment to comedy is After Hours, a new series starring Ardal O’Hanlon, John Thomson and Jaime Winstone. The 6 part series will begin Monday 2nd November at 9.30pm on Sky 1.

Directed by Craig Cash (The Café), it follows Willow (James Tarpey), an 18-year-old music fan who finds himself stuck in the declining town of Shankly after his friends head off to uni. When his girlfriend (BAFTA® winner Georgina Campbell) also dumps him, he has little to keep him going except for his love of local independent radio show After Hours.

The show is broadcast from a barge by Lauren (Jaime Winstone) and Ollie (Rob Kendrick), two music enthusiasts in their late 20s who wonder whether they’ve actually got a single listener. Until they meet superfan Willow, that is, who they decide to take under their wing and hire as their new assistant.

Meanwhile, Willow’s dad Peter (Ardal O’Hanlon) is down in the dumps after losing his milk round, and his mum Anna (Susan Cookson) is treacherously eyeing a job at the new supermarket that’s seen off the town’s local industry. Plus, Peter’s mate Geoff (John Thomson) finds sanctuary on the Hannigans’ sofa following a fall-out with his wife Sheila (guest star Caroline Aherne) and plans to join forces with Peter in a new business venture.

With a lack of work and a shortage of spirit casting a cloud over Shankly, the music-mad trio of Willow, Lauren and Ollie seem to have met each other at just the right time. Can they deliver some much-needed inspiration to the rest of their community? Underlying Sky’s commitment to making Sky 1 a go-to destination for family entertainment, After Hours is beautifully written by Molly Naylor and John Osborne. It is shot through with a passion for music, as well as all of Craig Cash’s usual down-to-earth wit and warmth.

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