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Making Sky the safest place for families

by Fiona Ball, Head of Responsible Business

We want our customers to enjoy our content on air and online safely. We do this by providing effective and easy to use tools to protect... 
19 February 2015

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Rugby League, more than just a sport

by Phil Clarke, Rugby League Presenter, Sky Sports

I owe a lot to rugby league.  Not only have I enjoyed a great career, both on the pitch for Wigan Warriors and England, and now on... 
06 February 2015

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Investing to help secure the future of sport

by Barney Francis, Managing Director, Sky Sports

In the last few weeks, debate around ‘free-to-air’ televised sport has moved back onto the agenda.   Television has an important part... 
29 January 2015

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Sky Broadband Shield – rolling out to all our customers

by Lyssa McGowan, Brand Director, Communications Products

We’re all aware that cyberspace can present security risks, and that the internet isn’t universally suitable for children. Just last week... 
20 January 2015

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Fortitude – a new chapter for Sky drama

by Stuart Murphy, Director, Entertainment Channels

Tonight I’m off to a premiere. All part and parcel of working at the best broadcaster in Europe. But tonight’s premiere is a special one... 
14 January 2015

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Sky AdSmart, 1,000 campaigns later

by Andrew Griffith, Chief Financial Officer & MD, Commercial Businesses

When we launched Sky AdSmart, our tailored advertising service, one year ago in January 2014, we believed we had the opportunity to change... 
13 January 2015

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Responding to Ed Richards

by Graham McWilliam, Group Director of Corporate Affairs

After eight years running Ofcom, Ed Richards could be forgiven for being a little demob happy as he reflects on his time as chief executive... 
02 January 2015


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Sky Movies delivering Christmas On Demand

by Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies & Acquisitions

We know families love sitting down and watching films together at Christmas.  What will be a bit different this year is that for the... 
16 December 2014

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Keeping our customers happy

by Chris Stylianou, MD, Customer Service Group

We know that having Sky is a choice. That’s why the quality of our customer service is as much of a business priority as offering amazing... 
12 December 2014

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Sky Movies releases Heart Strings following demand from fans

by Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies & Acquisitions

Christmas on Sky Movies has been in the news again this week. Not only do we have the premieres of Frozen  and The Lego Movie , but... 
11 December 2014

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Connecting young people with the world of work

by Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive

If you ask any business leader about the long-term challenges facing their organisation, the likelihood is that putting in place the right... 
02 December 2014

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Sky: where Middle-earth and Silicon Valley collide

by Stuart Murphy, Director, Entertainment Channels

I love working at Sky. It’s fast, down to earth and obsessed with making sure ordinary customers’ lives feel special and thrilling.  It’s... 
01 December 2014

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